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web development engineer 2
1, responsible for product development web page;
2, able to complete the web page of the detailed design and coding;
3, design api for communication with server side.
Job Requirements:
1. mobile end web development experience;
2. familiar with HTML, CSS3 for web development;
3. Familiar with Javascript, can skillfully use Javascript operate HTML DOM, JS familiar with cross-domain request;
4. Familiar with at least one front framework, Angular.js / Ember.js / Jquery Mobile / jqmob
5. Good communication, teamwork, ability to plan and innovative, able to work independently under pressure.
6. Art and Design will be a priority, mobile application development experience is preferred

Internet Marketing 2
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the company website  and product promotion
2, according to the company's overall marketing strategy and site characteristics, determining the network to promote  and the promote targets;
3, communicate with various departments, identifying needs, meeting deadlines
4, planning promotional activities, collect feedback data, the effect of continuous improvement
5, familiar with the network promotion, and proficient BBS, community, blog and other emerging networking capabilities to promote the company's products on its various websites.
Job Requirements:
1, computer-related majors, familiar with the Internet and mobile Internet;
2, familiar with social networking channels;
3, wechat, weibo,forums, SNS, QQ, Wikipedia, facebook, twitter and other promotional experience;
4, serious and responsible, able to work independently.


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