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About Keymob

Keymob is  a mobile ad platform management system for global publishers, developers and advertisers  offered by ChangLe Network Technology. We are committed to provide efficient and convenient ad management functions. Whether using advertising system or integrated developers strive to do to fine Jane.Keymob intelligent, open, secure, simple  won the majority of users.

Keymob is a smart ad management platform.It will  load third-party advertising platform automatically based on the remote settings from keymob.com  after integrated Keymob SDK, without adding third-party advertising platform SDK to the product  for each advertising platform .This minimizes save program resources,and  easy to upload app to  application markets witch restrictions on app with ads.

Grow your traffic for free with Cross-Promotion! Promote your new titles to the players who already love your other mobile apps with free interstitial or banner house ads.but also to take advantage of the excess ad request in  season lack of ad; Keymob make you  can choose ads  appears in your application, so that  each ad appeared in application  is the highest price and product relevant;Keymob can be used as Direct-Deals Marketplace,Sell inventory directly to other mobile game developers, or buy installs directly. Think of it as your own developer-to-developer ad marketplace.

Keymob provide popular advertising platform support,No longer need to spend too much time on advertising. Keymob provide  interface also, any platform impliments  interface protocol can be supported by Keymob. Keymob also provides off-line  interface for advertising management, Users can manage their own advertising without Keymob.com

email:     keymob@163.com

Address:Jianqiaomingmen NO.1507, Zhutangxi Road, Tianxin district,  Changsha, Hunan China 

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