Keymob Development Assistant

Keymob Development Assistant is an auxiliary tool designed for iOS application development on Apple devices. It provides a series of functions such as CPU, memory, GPU performance monitoring, network monitoring, and network packet capture to help improve the performance of iOS applications and achieve comprehensive performance detection, optimization, and improvement in memory, network, CPU, and other aspects. It also offers real-time app logs, crash log analysis, and other features, which are helpful for efficient development and debugging of iOS applications. Additionally, it provides powerful application management and file management to assist developers in efficiently managing iOS apps on their devices.

Overview of KeMob

File and Application Management

Kemo Development Assistant provides powerful IOS application and file management. With this tool, you can easily uninstall and install IOS applications on computers such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, and also view IOS system applications.

You can easily view files on devices such as iPhone and iPad, and also create, delete files, and view IOS device system files without jailbreak.

Logs and Crash Information

The app log viewing tool can conveniently view real-time logs and crash logs of apps and systems running on iOS iPhone devices. It is a more convenient console log and debug debugging log and device log viewing tool than Xcode Console. You can view specified processes, app names, and keyword filtering, and view device logs and NSLog without worries.

The iPhone crash log analysis and viewing module can conveniently export and view crash logs on iOS devices, symbolize, format, and analyze Apple crash logs. You can also delete Apple crash logs through the interface, making it easy to operate with device crash reports and crash logs.

Performance and Network Monitoring

Using Kemo Development Assistant, you can easily view various performance indicators during software operation, including CPU, GPU, memory, etc., frame rate FPS, network, and intuitively display them in charts, which can clearly identify software performance bottlenecks.

The tool can also capture and view network request packets for iPhone mobile applications, including HTTP requests, HTTPS requests, and socket network requests.

It supports various development technologies for developing iOS apps, and is not limited to Objective-c, swift, flutter, HTML hybrid development, cocos2d, unity3d and other development platforms, without jailbreak.

More Feature Introductions

View iOS Device Information

Croma Assistant allows easy access to device information such as UDID, system version, storage, battery status, and more.

Take Screenshots of the Mobile Interface

The tool enables capturing screenshots of mobile app interfaces, with options for automatic multiple screenshots at set intervals, and saving them to the computer.

View Mobile App Processes

Check the running processes on the mobile device, identify resource-heavy processes, and detect any suspicious programs running.

HTTPS Packet Capture

Without jailbreaking, view HTTP requests and capture HTTPS network request header information from iOS devices. Jailbroken devices can easily view all requests.

Socket Data Packet Capture

Without jailbreaking, capture all network traffic requests on the mobile device. Clearly identify packet types and target addresses, and export .pcap files for analysis using software like Wireshark.

Performance Monitoring

Croma Development Assistant provides powerful performance monitoring capabilities. It allows viewing CPU, GPU, memory usage, and other metrics of the overall machine, as well as specific app performance indicators.